HTS Triax Superconducting Cables

Manhattan New York HTS Triax Project

Project Info

  • Location: ConEd, N. Manhattan/Yonkers, New York
  • Expected In Service Date: May 2013
  • Voltage = 13.8 kV
  • Current = 4.0 kA

Project Partners

Project Profile

Project Summary
Together with the US Department of Homeland Security, Southwire Company, American Superconductor, and Con Edison are partnering to deliver secure, reliable power to New York City through the use of an Inherent Fault Current Limiting High Temperature Superconductor (IFCL-HTS) cable. Known as Project Hydra, the installation of 300 meters of HTS Triax cable in Con Edison’s power grid will demonstrate the ability of HTS technology to relieve system congestion and reduce the costs of power delivery in densely populated urban areas.

Expected Benefits
This project will utilize the highest current rating to date, at 4.0 kA while implementing a “substation bus tie” application to allow the utility to leverage transformer assets between distribution substations. Project Hydra will also develop Fault Current Limiting functionality into an HTS cable. There is a low impact to Con Edison and the Manhattan area – from a small equipment footprint, avoidance of costly new transformers, smaller right-of-way requirements, and resulting low impact to residential areas. The application in one of the United States’ most densely-populated areas increased the potential of HTS cables to help solve the looming electric power challenges and security risks many cities will face in the near future.