HTS Triax Superconducting Cables

About the Joint Venture

Southwire Company, headquartered in Carrollton, Georgia, USA, joined forces with nkt cables of Denmark in 2002 to establish a joint venture to develop and manufacture superconducting cable systems for the commercial market.

Named ULTERATM, the goal of the venture is to translate the partnership’s pioneering activities into real-world, sustainable solutions. Employees of both Southwire and nkt cables who have done work to develop the superconducting cable system are involved with ULTERA. The knowledge and expertise of this group will continue to lead commercial activities in this field.

Since 2002, ULTERA has supplied the knowledge and materials for superconducting cable projects around the world: Copenhagen’s Amager substation, Carrollton’s Southwire manufacturing facility, Columbus, Ohio’s Bixby substation, as well as planned projects in New Orleans and Manhattan.

Southwire Company nkt cables