HTS Triax Superconducting Cables

Copenhagen, Denmark HTS Triax Project

Project Info

  • Location = AMK Substation, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • In Service Date = May 2001
  • Voltage = 30 kV
  • Current = 2.4 kA

Project Partners

Project Summary
In 2001, NKT Cables installed the first high temperature superconducting cable into the electric power network when a 30-meter HTS cable was energized at Copenhagen Energy. The purpose of the project was to provide power to 50,000 households and businesses on the island of Amager, while demonstrating that a complete superconducting cable system can operate successfully under real environmental conditions (including load variation, short-circuit currents, and thermal and mechanical load).

After 2 years of autonomous operations in the utility substation, this project has successfully proven that HTS cables can operate in a utility environment. The cable was successfully integrated into the utility relay, protection and control schemes. This project has proven the feasibility of using superconducting cable in an electric power utility, thus preparing the way for commercial application of HTS cables.

Copenhagen Denmark HTS Cable Project