HTS Triax Superconducting Cables

High Load Connections - Substation Bus Tie

In many utility networks there are few, if any, full station capacity links between area distribution substations on the low voltage side of the transformers. In order to achieve this with copper, a large number of cables – and therefore duct bank rights of way (RoW) – would be required. This lack of connection makes it more difficult to pick up dropped load in the event of a transformer or other equipment failure, or multiple contingency event.

HTS cables operating at very high loads and at distribution voltage levels offer a compact and small RoW connection between stations to share transformer capacity. HTS cables at distribution voltages can carry an entire station load. This high capacity link has been realized at AEP in Columbus, OH and is under development in projects at Con Ed in Manhattan and Entergy in New Orleans.

Station Tie Diagram