HTS Triax Superconducting Cables

Columbus, Ohio HTS Triax Project

Project Info

  • Location = AEP-Bixby substation, Columbus, OH
  • In Service Date = 6 Aug 2006
  • Voltage = 13.2 kV
  • Current = 3.0 kA

Project Partners

Project Profile

Project Summary
Southwire, nkt cables and American Electric Power (AEP) teamed up to demonstrate the viability of the newly created HTS Triax cable design. The Triax cable provides the link between the step-down transformer and the entire distribution substation bus load. In August 2006, 200 meters of HTS Triax was energized to provide power to 8,600 residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

In successful operation since August 2006, the HTS Triax cable system has withstood network faults in excess of 25 kA without being taken out of service, and it has operated at over 90% of its design rating. This project also demonstrated the first installation of a HTS cable joint in field and proved the viability of an underground cable installation into a duct bank.

HTS Triax Project Columbus Ohio