HTS Triax Superconducting Cables

Carrollton, Georgia HTS Triax Project

Project Info

  • Location = Carrollton, GA
  • In Service Date = 6 Jan 2000
  • Voltage = 12.47 kV
  • Current = 1.25 kA

Project Partners

Project Summary
Southwire Company and Oak Ridge National Laboratory developed, tested, and installed a 30-meter HTS cable system above ground at Southwire’s headquarters – the world’s first ever application of HTS cables for industrial use. The system was energized in January 2000 to deliver power to Southwire’s manufacturing plants.

The Carrollton project successfully proves that HTS cables can operate in power network. The system was successfully operated for 7 years and over 40,000 hours in an industrial environment. It proved the feasibility of autonomous HTS cable operations on a daily basis and withstood common utility system transients (lightning strikes & load-side faults). The results of this project have aided the creation of newer cable designs that can carry double the current.

Carrollton Georgia HTS Triax Project